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5 FAQS: Answered By A Heat And Air Service Expert

We want to keep our customers informed, so our general heat and air service manager, Matt McElhaney, has answered 5 frequently asked questions asked by you about Middleton Heat & Air service.

1. Does Chuck ever come into the office? 

Yes! Chuck comes to the office every day. This business is his life. 

2. What should I set my thermostat at?

There is really no set temperature that we recommend. I always recommend they adjust to find a temperature that they are comfortable at. Every person is different as well as every home so this is going to vary. Utility companies usually say 68 degrees for heating and 78 for air conditioning to conserve energy.

3. Do I need a bigger system? 

A central heating and air conditioning system is the most costly appliance in most homes. A proper laod calculation should be completed before replacing it because every home is different. If a system is too large for a space, in the summer it will cool down too quickly and shut off before humidity can be removed leaving the house cool but humid. If the unit is undersized it will not cool properly and will seem like it is running constantly. 

4. Do I need a programmable thermostat?

If there are periods of the day that the house in not occupied for several hours then there is no need to heat or cool the house or areas of the home as if it was occupied. A programmable thermostat will raise or lower the temperature automatically and can be programmed to bring the temperature back to a comfortable level before you arrive at the programmed time. Installing one, depending on how long the house is unoccupied ccould save you some money on your utility bills. 

5. If the part is under Warranty then why does it cost so much to repair?

Everyone always sees the price we quote for a warranty heat and air repair and assumes it is just labor only to replace the part. Most major components such as the heat exchanger or compressor are very labor intensive to replace. We factor in everything into a price for replacing warranty parts such as the labor for the job, any materials to complete, shipping the part from and back to the manufacturer and administrative work that has to be done in the house. 

We’re glad we were able to answer some of the most common questions we receive from our customers. We are glad to answer some more. Middleton heating and air is hands down the best of the best heating and air companies in Central Arkansas. We’d love to help you with any heating and air conditioning repair and service needs. 

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