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How to Clean Air Vents & Vent Covers

Are your air conditioning vent covers caked with dust, dirt and debris? You aren’t alone. Don’t rush out to buy new covers though, because you can clean them safely and easily! We have some quick tips and tricks to help you out!

Each Month

Make sure you change your air filter each month, as this will allow less debris to make it to your vent covers in the first place. Before you begin cleaning the vents, make sure you turn your air conditioner off. Cover the furniture below ceiling vents with a sheet. Vacuum the vents to remove most of the dust and dirt. Take a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the outside of the vent, as well as the wall and ceiling around it. Do not use water or cleaning chemicals, as these will smear the dirt around and make it more difficult to remove buildup! 

Twice a Year

Remove the vent covers by unscrewing the corners, then place them in a sink of hot, soapy water or water mixed with basic household cleaner. Let them soak for only a few minutes, clean them with a microfiber cloth, then rinse them off with cool water. If the vent cover is rusted, use a rust remover to get rid of the rust, then repaint it before placing it back on the ceiling or floor. 

If you notice a heavy amount of buildup despite cleaning your covers and replacing your air filter regularly, a Middleton professional would be happy to do an in-home evaluation. 

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