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HVAC 101: All About Maintenance

HVAC 101: All About Maintenance. Middleton Heat and Air

You’ve heard it before, but do you really know what it means? HVAC Maintenance is not only the most talked-about topic in the world of heating and air, but also the most critical. No other servicing opportunity can prevent problems, increase efficiency, and save you money in the same way. Because they mean so much to your HVAC’s health, it’s important to know how maintenance works, and what to look for in a quality service visit.

1.What happens during a maintenance visit?

Maintenance visits can vary based on the provider, but most should involve the same basic routines. Your service tech should do a thorough check of your HVAC unit, paying special attention to parts that work hard and take a lot of wear. Anything that looks questionable should be inspected more closely and potentially replaced before they break. Filters and condenser coils should also be examined for build up and cleaned to improve airflow and efficiency.


2.What does increased efficiency do for me?

Efficiency=Savings. If nothing else motivates you to have your system maintained, let it be the fact that routine maintenance over the life of your HVAC can save you up to 40% on your energy bills! A simple way to think about it is this: a more efficient machine will do the same work but with less effort. Effort = Energy, and Energy cost Money! You’ll be using less energy and saving the planet, while also saving money on energy costs and in prevented repairs.


3.What is different about Middleton Maintenance?

At Middleton Heat and Air, we have a promise of quality to all of our customers that we’ve been keeping for over 40 years. Not only do we have the best trained and most experienced techs in the business, we also have increasingly high standards for what a maintenance visit means. If you are a Middleton Maintenance Contract member, you receive two 22-point check ups per year, that include a Fall carbon monoxide check for your family’s health and safety, an efficiency tune up that involves so much more than a simple filter and coil check, 24/7 emergency on-call access to assistance and additional discounts on repairs and after-hours service!


We hope that after reading about the incredible benefits of regular maintenance that you are as big of a believer in proper HVAC check-ups as we are. It truly is the best way to enjoy top quality home comfort year round, and save big money, which is a combination that doesn’t come around often! If you’d like to get in touch with someone about what a Middleton Maintenance contract would look like for your home, we’d love to chat! Give us a call at 1-800-404-0371 or visit our online contact form to start your journey to healthier, happier air, today!

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