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HVAC MYTHS- The Truth About Refrigerant

In our series “HVAC Myths,” we debunk common misconceptions about heating and air that homeowners everywhere have believed for years!

Can we just begin by saying that refrigerant (the substance that causes your A/C unit to blow cold air) is not called Freon? That’s right, believe it or not, most people have been getting it wrong this whole time!

There is a specific brand of refrigerant called Freon, but this does not refer to all brands of the substance. However, even some HVAC techs will use the two terms interchangeably.

The Myth:

The myth that we are actually here to debunk is “A/C units need a new refrigerant charge every Spring or Summer.” This is just not true! The only time you should need to replace the refrigerant in your unit is if there is a leak somewhere in the system.

The Facts:

If in fact your unit does happen to need a Freon “charge,” then the technician should show you exactly where the leak is. This diagnosis is impossible to give over the phone. They would need to come out and inspect the entire system before they can give you an accurate professional opinion.

The Lesson:

If you, the customer, were told over the phone that it is a problem with your refrigerant, then the service you called is likely cutting some corners. . The technician who comes out should check your air filter and thermostat, inspect the indoor unit, and then inspect the outdoor unit all before running a test on the refrigerant in the unit. Technicians have a tool called an AC manifold gauge that measures the refrigerant in your unit, and it won’t be accurate unless all other parts of the unit have been inspected first.

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