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Maintain With Middleton: Fall & Your Furnace


When was the last time you had that furnace checked?

We’re in the midst of fall maintenance season around here at Middleton Heat & Air, and we don’t want to just tell you about how important a seasonal inspection and tune-up is for your HVAC system. We want to show you instead! Come along with one of our expert technicians as we perform an in-home fall maintenance visit, starting with the furnace. Watch us in action below:

First of all, we’ll start by simply turning your system on and off to make sure everything is operating as it should. The next steps involve inspecting the technical components of your system, including checking for proper gas pressure, cleaning your burners, checking for something called “amp draw” and voltage when it comes to the motor, and fine-tuning the operation of your blower. If it seems pretty technical, that’s because it is. These system checks should always be performed by an experienced professional, especially when flammable gas and electricity are involved. If not done properly, you can easily have a dangerous situation on your hands.

We conclude a furnace inspection by thoroughly inspecting it for an existing or potential gas leak, which can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. We’ll even go and check for leaks in and around the unit near the furnace itself to make sure that everything is operating properly and that it’s safe for you to use.

We’re proud to be the company for heat and air Little Rock chooses time and time again! Here at Middleton Heat & Air, we offer an Annual Maintenance Agreement to ensure that your system is adequately checked in both the spring and fall. Preventative maintenance is essential to protecting your family’s comfort and safety. By signing up for a Maintenance Agreement with Middleton Heat & Air, you can ensure our HVAC technicians will thoroughly check and clean your system twice a year. We also test for carbon monoxide during our fall visits. Ready to schedule yours today? Click HERE to get started!

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