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Maintaining Outdoor Units

The outdoor condensing unit is often overlooked by homeowners when it comes to routine maintenance. The outdoor unit releases heat from inside your home, and it’s important to keep it cleared of any debris and vegetation.

Clear the Surrounding Area

Make sure your outdoor unit has a clearing of at least three feet around on all sides. Plants, vines and shrubs shouldn’t grow near your unit, as they can potentially wrap around it or restrict air flow. If a tree is overhead, leaves and limbs can accumulate on or near your unit, so you’ll want to make sure you regularly clear the area with a broom. Also, do not stack anything on top of the unit, including gardening tools or a water hose.

Be Mindful While Doing Yard Work

When mowing your lawn, direct the mower away from the unit to prevent grass clippings from getting caught in coils. The same goes for string trimmers — be very careful while trimming the area around the unit, as debris can fly into the unit and damage a variety of parts, such as the fins.


Installing a fence around the unit is a good idea if you have pets that are likely to cause damage. Many homeowners also simply prefer to hide the outdoor unit for cosmetic reasons, such as to separate the unit from a flower garden. Just make sure the fence doesn’t restrict air flow, and is wide enough to allow for maintenance.

An important part of caring for your outdoor unit is regular maintenance. Your unit can take a lot of stress from its outdoor environment, so it is important that an expert examines each part at least twice a year for general wear and tear.  Don’t forget to schedule your spring maintenance with Middleton Heat & Air! Please visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-404-0371.

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