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HVAC Company Middleton Heat & Air Opens First Northwest Arkansas Office

Reported by Talk Business & Politics: Bryant-based Middleton Heat & Air recently opened a new office along Interstate 49 in Springdale, its first Northwest Arkansas location.

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Middleton still family, still serving the community after 45 years

Reported by The Saline Courier: Middleton Heat and Air has been serving Saline County and surrounding communities for 45 years. Chuck Middleton started the business out of his own garage.

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Chuck Middleton and Mark Middleton

Indoor air quality becomes major priority in schools across Arkansas

Reported by THV11: The COVID-19 relief bill gives direct funding to schools and has a section allocated for HVAC systems, which means more schools can invest in better air flow.

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Commercial IAQ Business Booming Due to COVID-19

Reported by ACHR News Podcast: Drew McCurry, commercial retrofit sales manager at Middleton Heat and Air, and Cody Yeoman, commercial sales and business development director, are keeping busy as commercial IAQ skyrockets due to COVID-19. They talk with Managing Editor Maria Taylor about some of their latest projects.

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How to improve indoor air quality for businesses and schools during COVID-19

Reported by AMP Arkansas Money & Politics: Drew McCurry, head of commercial projects and commercial indoor air quality (IAQ) consultant at Middleton Heat and Air, spoke with Arkansas Money & Politics about his experience in assisting businesses and schools with IAQ.

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Air Conditioning technology gaining traction to curtail COVID-19 risks

Reported by Talk Business & Politics: Businesses have scrambled to deal with the devastating impacts of COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic that spread across the globe this spring.

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Businesses Using New Air Filter Technology

Reported by KATV: Middleton Heat and Air explains the importance of changing your air filters to help pathogens from spreading.

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How safe air quality can help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Arkansas

Reported by THV11: As businesses across central Arkansas begin to open up, extra precautions can be taken beyond just masks and social distancing.

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Arkansas Business Reader’s Choice Best of Biz 2019

Reported by Arkansas Business: The winners and finalists appearing here were chosen not by a group of panelists around a conference table, but by the thousands of busy employees, employers, executives, movers and shakers whose work leads them to use the companies and services listed. In other words, the experts have spoken.

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Arkansas Business Reader's Choice Best of Biz 2019

Best of Arkansas 2019

Reported by Arkansas Times: Maybe you asked. If you did, our readers answered. The Times also makes a few suggestions of its own.

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HIGH PROFILE: Larry Middleton knows his family’s story must be about more than its success, but also its struggle

Reported by Arkansas Democrat Gazette: As a 16-year-old, Larry Middleton sacrificed the Toyota Celica he had saved for to give his family’s business a chance. By the time he was 17, he was trying to figure out how to buy a house.

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Larry Middleton
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