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Duct work leaks can dramatically reduce the cooling capacity of an otherwise well-installed and maintained air conditioner. Duct leakage is usually the primary reason why a system can’t cool the house during hot weather. While a drop in output of one-half to one ton is typical, tradespeople and researchers have found many houses where the leakage was so bad that the air conditioner actually turned into a heater during the late afternoon! The longer it ran, the hotter the home would get!

Heat pumps, in particular, are very sensitive to duct leakage. By sucking cold outside air into the returns and losing some heating supply air, the net-delivered output of the system drops. If you need duct work repaired in your home, give us a call.

Energy Savings

An Arkansas study showed average energy savings of 21.8% after hvac ductwork leakage was repaired. Although energy savings are substantial and will usually pay for the repairs, it is important to note that having your ducts checked for leakage may extend the life of your heating and/or air conditioning unit.

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