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Retrofit And Special Projects For Commercial HVAC

Equipment installed decades ago may no longer meet today’s load requirements. Redesign. Revamp. Retrofit. Middleton Heat & Air has successfully addressed the diverse needs of our commercial retrofit and special projects customers for over 45 years. Let us bid your project:

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Commercial Retrofit & Replacement

Evaluating, retrofitting & redesigning heating and cooling systems to improve efficiency and comfort

Custom Duct Work

We specialize in replacing custom-built ducts. We have manufactured transitions from standard size to those large enough to fit a car, assembled in the field, and lifted and placed by cranes or helicopters.

Design & Installation

Design and installation of heating and cooling systems for businesses wanting to expand their facilities


Modifying existing heating and cooling systems which do not meet state or local codes

Cross-Flow Exhaust & Ventilation

Addition of cross-flow exhaust and ventilation systems to existing buildings

Curb Adapters

Design and installation of curb adapters for rooftop equipment

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