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Dehumidifying Your Home

It’s getting more and more humid outside, and you’ve probably had your air conditioner running for at least a few weeks now. Your air conditioning system plays a large role in removing the humidity from the air inside your home. What do you do if the air in your home feels moist and sticky though?

System Maintenance & Replacement

You may have an oversized air conditioner that quickly cools your home, but the frequent cycling between on and off doesn’t allow enough time for moisture to be removed from the air. A system that is appropriate for the size of your home will run for longer periods of time, remove the excess moisture from the air, and use less energy overall. If your house is cool, but the windows are foggy and it feels damp, one of our technicians will take a look at your system, pinpoint the problem and help you find the best solution. It may also be time to replace an old, oversized or damaged air conditioning system.


If you leave your thermostat fan on, instead of set to auto, it will continue to run between your air conditioner’s cooling cycles. This causes moisture to build up in your home, so it’s best to leave your fan on auto. If you have leaky faucets around the house, or cracks in the seals of your windows and doors, you should make repairs as soon as possible to prevent humid air from leaking inside. This will also keep your air conditioner from working harder than it needs to to cool your home. Clean your AC filters and ducts, and caulk around the bases of surfaces that regularly come into contact with moisture, like toilets and tubs.

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