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The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Saving Energy (and Money!)

In this edition of “Do This Not That,” we’re going to talk about common misconceptions when it comes to saving money and energy through your thermostat. Even hard core efficiency aficionados will be surprised by just how comfortable you can keep your home while still saving money! Here are our top four tips:

1. Do check your thermostat settings, Don’t “set it and forget it.”

While avoiding a roller coaster of heating and cooling is important, for maximum efficiency it actually pays to do some extra fiddling with the thermostat. Carefully adjusting your heating or cooling settings to correspond with how much sun-heat you’re getting, how many people are in the home, and how much other heat sources (ovens, stove tops, fireplaces, etc.) are in use throughout the day can make sure your system only runs as much as absolutely necessary. While a smart thermostat is specifically designed to do this for you, many “regular” thermostats have limited scheduling functions for day/night or even away/home settings, they just have to be triggered manually.


2. Do check the weather, don’t check the calendar

Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing the first day of winter to switch the heat to a set temperature, and then only touch the thermostat again when the season changes. Adjusting by outdoor temperature, however, is a much smarter decision. Central Arkansas, in particular, is a prime example of unexpected weather patterns. Choosing a temperature for your home that is a few degrees closer to the temperature outside than the temperature you chose the day before is a fantastic way to save just a little bit more.


3. Do be consistent, don’t expect instant results

When it comes to seeing savings as a result of your efforts, don’t get hasty. Real savings will come slowly as you begin to maximize your home’s efficiency little by little. Over time, you’ll also get better at anticipating your home, family, and environment’s needs.


4. Do consider your options, don’t rule out an initial investment.

If you really want to go all-out in your saving endeavors, a smart thermostat like the Nest Learn Thermostat are the way to go. Smart thermostats are more affordable than you might think, half the trouble, and far more consistent over time than any traditional model. They also bring the enormous bonus of the ability to control your home’s temperature even while you’re away! It’s officially the end of choosing between wasting heat while you’re at work or coming home to a freezing house.


If you’re concerned with lost efficiency, high energy costs, or an outdated thermostat, visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-404-0371! We’d be happy to chat with you about all the affordable options now available for the savvy homeowner.

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