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Why is My Electric Bill So High?

The dog days of summer are here, and the temperature isn’t the only thing that’s rising. If you’ve checked that electric bill lately, you’ve probably noticed a serious uphill climb when it comes to your energy costs. And when you’re just trying to keep cool, your bill is the last thing you want to worry about! Have you been asking yourself, “Why is my electric bill so high?”

Your air conditioner has to work extra hard on the hottest days of the year, which is why it uses more electricity than anything else in your home. While there are various ways to reduce your overall energy consumption (such as replacing energy-inefficient appliances), it’s not always practical for homeowners to make these often expensive upgrades. Here are a few simple and affordable ways to make quick and easy adjustments to your home that will almost instantly help you save on that electric bill, courtesy of Middleton Heat & Air.

Remember That Heat Rises

You learned a long time ago in science class that heat rises, and this is definitely true for your home. If you rent or own a two-story (or higher) home, you’ll often find that the upper floors are much warmer than the ground floor. When it comes to your air conditioner, it is much more energy-efficient to cool less square footage at once – especially when your system is struggling. A simple solution? If it’s convenient, such as during daytime hours, shut off the upper floors of your home by closing the doors to your upstairs rooms. By restricting the airflow, you are seriously reducing your electric bill and keeping the living quarters of your home much cooler, all the while reducing how hard that air conditioner has to work. You’ll want to open the doors at least an hour prior to bedtime, however, to restore the cool air. While it’s not a permanent fix, this is a quick solution for reducing your energy consumption during the day.

Cover Those Windows

Even if you have the most energy-efficient windows on the market, you’ll still want to take advantage of the cooling properties heavy draperies can provide in your home. Covering your windows is an effective solution to saving on your bill in both the summer and the winter, helping immediately regulate the temperature inside your home. This prevents the sun from warming your home through the windows during the hot months while keeping your home insulated in the colder months. If it’s too much of an expenditure to purchase window coverings for your entire home at once, begin by installing them in the rooms that receive the most sun exposure during the day.

Utilize Those Ceiling Fans

First of all, make sure your ceiling fans are set to rotate counterclockwise in the summer, due to the science that heat rises. This will cause a downward breeze in your rooms, helping regulate your home’s temperature. In the wintertime, however, you’ll want to switch your fans to rotate in a clockwise direction. If you don’t have ceiling fans installed in your home, there’s no better time than summertime to make the investment.

Turn Off Those Lights (And Electronics…And Appliances)

This is perhaps the easiest solution of them all! Artificial lights produce heat. If you’re not currently using a particular room, turn off all the lights in that room. If convenient, depend on natural light to illuminate your home during the daytime hours. It’s amazing to watch your electric bill decrease simply by flipping the switch! The same goes for electronics and appliances in your home, which are still consuming electricity even when not in use! Referred to as “vampire” appliances, computers, televisions, and even phone chargers are still running up your bill, even if they aren’t actually running.

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