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Spring v. Fall Maintenance

The temperatures may still be warm outside this month, but the chillier weather is on its way. Right now is the perfect time to schedule your Fall maintenance with Middleton to get your heater ready to combat those chilly temperatures before the first cold front.

Spring Maintenance

Even if your unit was maintained last spring, it is still very important to schedule maintenance for the fall. For both fall and spring, your tech will check things like the air filters, drain lines, pans, and all electrical connections, however, the spring maintenance list also covers the things your air conditioner specifically needs to run smoothly and efficiently. Spring maintenance covers checks on your condenser, refrigerant levels, fan motors, and the blowers and fan blades to ensure all is ready for the Arkansas heat.

Fall Maintenance

Fall maintenance involves the same basics as spring maintenance, but also includes a complete and thorough check of your heating unit to make sure everything will run smoothly for you throughout the winter months. Your technician will inspect things like your ignition, burners, and their assembly, heat exchanger and/or elements, inspect for gas leaks on gas heaters, and your heat pump.

Why is Fall Maintenance So Important?

Both Spring and Fall maintenance are important to ensure that your HVAC system runs smoothly and efficiently all year round, but Fall maintenance is most important to keep your family safe. Some of the effects of neglecting your heating system can be devastating, the least of which is higher energy costs or a short lifespan for the system. Without a professional to inspect your heating unit before you begin using it every day, you run the risk of a fire starting in your system or dangerous carbon monoxide gas leaks throughout your home, which can lead to death.

On top of installing a quality carbon monoxide detector in your home, an annual maintenance agreement with Middleton can help to ensure your family stays comfortable and safe throughout the year while saving you money on maintenance and energy costs.

If you’d like to learn more about our maintenance services, contact us online or by phone at 1-800-404-0371.

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