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Furnace FAQ: Four Common Home Heating Problems


There’s a chill in the air and a chill in your home. What’s the issue? There are few heating problems more stressful to today’s homeowner than a broken or malfunctioning furnace in the middle of the winter months. As your local heating and air experts, we’ve found that these are four of the most common home heating problems that our customers experience in their homes.

Problem # 1 – When’s The Last Time You Changed That Filter?

Sometimes, it really is a simple fix. If your filter has become excessively clogged with dust, dirt, or hair, your furnace cannot perform as it should. Our expert technicians can easily detect and replace a dirty filter and advise you on monitoring the future condition of your filter. Something to keep in mind is that a filter’s effectiveness really depends upon how hard it has to work. As a general rule, manufacturers suggest that a standard high-efficiency filter should be replaced every three months. However, conditions in the home such as pets or smoke can significantly decrease filter life. Our technicians can educate you on how to examine your filter and how frequently it should be replaced based on your home and lifestyle.

Problem # 2 – Did You Schedule Your Maintenance?

If you didn’t, you’re definitely going to want to read on. Just because your HVAC system has been performing as expected doesn’t mean you should skip out on maintenance. Neglecting to maintain your furnace can result in higher energy bills, a far increased likelihood of a breakdown, an overworked system, and general inefficiency. Furnaces aren’t cheap, and the benefits of regular annual maintenance far outweigh the costs. Most homeowners can perform basic maintenance tasks (such as filter replacement) themselves, but furnaces have components that are best examined by the experts. The bottom line? Hiring a professionally trained HVAC technician from Middleton Heat & Air to perform annual maintenance can prevent those inconvenient system breakdowns. Sign up for our maintenance program here and save yourself the headache.

Problem # 3 – Your Thermostat Needs An Upgrade

If your thermostat isn’t working properly, your furnace simply doesn’t know how to behave. Fortunately, a thermostat replacement is typically an easy fix. Unless you’ve recently replaced your thermostat with a newer, digital version, chances are you’re paying way more in energy costs than you should. If you find your home’s temperatures are fluctuating from hot to cold and back again, then your outdated thermostat and its faulty wiring could be the culprit. The expert technicians at Middleton Heat & Air can evaluate your home and determine a digital thermostat that best fits your system. If you own a smartphone, we even offer models that can be regulated using a simple app.  

Problem # 4 – What Happened To My Pilot Light?

Pilot light problems are pretty common with most systems, especially in older homes with older furnaces. Your furnace won’t work if the pilot light is out. Some homeowners attempt to fix their pilot light on their own, but this is a hazardous practice involving an open flame and natural gas. If there is more to the problem than just an extinguished pilot light, you’ll want to give the experts at Middleton Heat & Air a call to avoid a potentially disastrous situation. Carbon monoxide is always a possibility in this scenario, so make sure to follow safety protocol if you smell or suspect a gas leak in your home. The good news is that pilot light problems normally involve a simple repair, but you’ll want to take advantage of our 24 hour furnace repair service in this situation.

Do you have other HVAC questions? Here at Middleton Heat & Air, we’re proud to offer the very best 24 hour heating and air service in Central Arkansas. Contact us today!

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