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Heating and Air Conditioning Service Spotlight: Blake Humphrey

Blake is our comfort advisor and has been with us almost six years! As a heating and air conditioning comfort advisor, Blake educates people on heating and air conditioning, addresses their issues with solutions, and offers better and more efficient heating and air options in order to take care of all their home comfort needs.

Outside of work, he loves watching football and baseball (especially the Razorbacks)  He has a 13 year old brother that he loves to watch play baseball. Not only does he love watching sports, but loves hunting and fishing and spending time with his family and friends whenever he gets a chance to.

We asked Blake what his favorite aspect of his job is and he replied, “being able to walk into someone’s home and take care of each individual customer, or family. And addressing issues they have whether it is hot or cold spots, a noisy, inefficient system, or finding solutions for them if their kids have allergies or an excessive dust problem”.

He loves being able to walk out knowing we are going to take care of all their heating and air conditioning needs completely. And that’s really what it’s all about.

He wanted to share a story about his most memorable experience at Middleton Heat & Air:

“One winter we had a lot of snow and ice accumulation on the ground. I was called upon to take care of a guy. So, I climbed into my personal vehicle and made the drive all the way from Bryant to Little Rock to pick up a technician and went to get this gentlemen’s heat up and going, so he would be warm. That’s what Middleton is all about; doing what it takes to take care of the customer.”

We’re proud to have Blake as one of our Comfort Advisors. He is one of the many people who make us the Best of the Best of all the heating and air conditioning service companies.

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