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How to Help Your Ductwork Do Its Job

The job of ductwork is to evenly distribute airflow to all the rooms of a residence. The design and size of different ductwork impacts the balance of heating and cooling throughout your home, and also influences the system’s overall efficiency and lifespan. Ductwork leaks can dramatically reduce the cooling capacity of an otherwise well-installed and maintained air conditioner. Heat pumps, in particular, are very sensitive to duct leakage. When heat pumps suck cold outside air into the returns but lose some heating supply air through a leak, the net-delivered output of the system drops.

Find Opportunities To Ensure Proper Airflow Distribution:

There are several things you can do at home to ensure the airflow is unobstructed in your ductwork. The first is to check that all vents and return vents are clear of any furniture or anything else that could disrupt airflow. Insulating your ductwork can also help the air passing through to maintain its temperature longer.

It is very important that you leave all the vents in your home open, even in unused rooms. Closing your vents will cause changes in pressure and causes more air from the outside to be brought into the home to be treated. This will cause a spike in your energy bill because the unit will be working harder to treat that extra air.

Look For Specific Issues

Sometimes the more flexible duct material used in attics and crawl spaces can get damaged and torn over time. This flexible material allows movement while the air flows through but this movement can eventually cause kinks and sag that allow air obstruction and/or leakage.

Check your ductwork to ensure that it is sealed with duct mastic instead of duct tape. Duct tape, despite its name, is not good for actual ductwork. If there is duct tape on your ducts, we suggest that it be removed along with all residue and replaced with duct mastic.  

Schedule Maintenance

Scheduling maintenance is always the best way to determine if your ductwork needs repair. You may also want to get your ductwork professionally cleaned occasionally because obstructions can blow through and reach the central HVAC unit. Obstructions can cause airflow blockage, and can also be a fire hazard. Additionally, having your ductwork checked for air leaks is a good first step towards lowering your energy bills.

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