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The Allergens In Your Home, Explained.

Allergy Season is well on its way, and whether or not you experience severe sensitivities, it can be useful to know what the most common allergens are and how they interact with your environment. This quick reference list contains the most common allergens, what they’re made of, and how they affect your home. Read to the end to discover the best way to eliminate these allergens and more, permanently, in less than an hour!


1. Pollen                                     

If you’ve lived in Arkansas for any length of time, you’ve experienced pollen. It’s the yellow-green powdery substance that coats the great outdoors every spring and causes the dreaded “allergy season,” for so many of us. Pollen is produced by plants as part of their reproductive process, and is so lightweight that it fills the air and enters our nasal passages causing an irritation and slight allergic reaction in most people. It is also extremely easy to track indoors, and is most easily treated with a high efficiency air filter.

2. Dust Mites

Dust Mites are tiny, white, microscopic bugs that live off of dead skin cells and are probably living in your home. While extremely common, the good news is most people aren’t severely allergic to them except for in large amounts. The best way to get rid of them is to wash all fabrics in your home, including sheets, blankets, pillows, curtains, rugs and carpets, often in hot water. 

3. Mold

Molds, or different colors of fungus made up of tiny organisms, exist almost everywhere, and are generally impossible to remove completely in any home. They grow and thrive around moisture, and when disturbed give off tiny spores that are irritating or even dangerous when inhaled. Mold sensitivity ranges from very mild to highly allergic, and certain people are more sensitive than others like infants and the elderly.

4. House Dust

House Dust is your everyday mixture of animal dander, dead human skin cells, hair, insect waste, living dust mites, sand and regular old dirt. Teeny tiny particles of these materials are constantly kicked around your environment and work their way into your home almost continuously. Homes with central heating and air will also circulate these particles throughout the air, leaving the larger ones to settle onto the furniture and floors which creates the “dust” you’re probably most familiar with.

5. Synthetic Chemicals

Sometimes those with harsh allergies take extra precautions against the above mentioned allergens but still experience symptoms. More people have a sensitivity to chemical allergens like fragrances, air fresheners, chemical based air purifiers, cleaning agents, cigarette smoke, certain plastics, fabrics, or paints than you might realize. Removing these allergens from the home can be more difficult, and often involves removing the source (once located) entirely.


While regular cleaning is the only way to truly rid a house of dust and dirt buildup, allergens themselves can be easily treated and eliminated with a piece of technology that is newly available to the public. Hospitals everywhere have been using the same technology that’s inside the new REME Halo light to keep their facilities virus, bacteria, mold and allergen free for years.

With a one-time installation, our expert technicians can now make this technology a reality in your home in less than one hour. Even better, Middleton Heat & Air customers will get 10% off their REME Halo light instantly! To schedule your installation, visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-404-0371 to speak with a comfort specialist right now.

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