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HVAC 101- Heat Pumps

HVAC 101- Heat Pumps. Middleton Heat and Air

If you enjoy efficiency, simplicity, and are looking into options for your home’s heating and cooling needs, you might want to consider a Heat Pump.

A Heat Pump is a system that can be used for both heating and cooling, despite its heat-centric name. It works very much like a refrigerator does, using electricity to move heat from one space into another.


Because the heat is being moved, or transported, from one place to another instead of being generated, heat pumps are FAR more efficient than traditional heaters. In fact, they can cost up to 75% less to run than traditional systems.


A heat pump is a “mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system” that can be switched to either heat or cool. An indoor unit, referred to as an “air handler,” will disperse the air, while an outdoor unit often referred to as a “heat pump,” will remove or deposit the heat from the air.

Even outdoor air at very low temperatures, such as the middle- 30℉’s, have heat that can be removed with a heat pump and pumped into your home. In the Summer the system will work the other way, removing heat from the air in your home and pumping it back outside.


Heat pumps are all electric, which can save you energy costs on fuel, and is also good news for all-electric homes. Many all-electric homes also enjoy using a heat pump alongside existing electric heat strips.

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