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HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

We understand that your pets are important, and you want the very best for them. They are part of the family, after all! You may not know that pet hair and dander can cause issues with your HVAC system, but the good news is there are simple ways to avoid problems! Check out our tips for living happily and comfortably with your furry friends.

Day-to-Day Tips

You should change your air filter once a month, especially if you have pets in the house. Pet hair and other debris circulate around in the air inside your home when a dirty air filter is in place. A dirty air filter also restricts proper air flow, causing your system to work much harder than it needs to. Vents can also become coated with pet hair, and you may notice a build up of dust on your vent covers. These can be carefully removed and scrubbed with soap and water, then dried and replaced. Pet hair can also clog your air ducts if your pets shed regularly. Groom your pets on schedule to avoid shedding and reduce these problems. It’s also important to keep all parts of your HVAC system, and even wires or exposed hazards not related to it, enclosed and away from your animals. Your pet can chew through something you didn’t even realize was exposed, and that can be both costly and dangerous.

Long-Term Tips

Purify the air in your home with the REME Halo Light. REME stands for Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy, and the device produces a hydro-peroxide plasma that is distributed through the duct system of your home. Even without your HVAC system running, the REME Halo purifies the air. This has a big impact on people with animal allergies, asthma, or respiratory illnesses. Preventative maintenance also ensures that your HVAC system is clear of pet hair, debris, and dust year-round. Our qualified technicians will inspect your system, and clean out anything that could lead to a costly repair.

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