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How to Get Pollen Out of Your House

It’s Springtime! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and… the pollen is everywhere. Spring is without a doubt the biggest time of year for allergies and allergen related episodes. If you find your family suffering this season, look no further for your allergen-relief strategy! These tried and true tips are an easy way to make your home as clean and breathable as possible.


  1. Fluff out Fabrics. Fabrics on sofas, rugs, and blankets love to soak up dust, mites, and tiny pollen particles that the human eye can’t even see. Every time you walk, sit, or snuggle, you could be releasing all kinds of little particles into the air you breath. Each Spring, try to devote a little time to washing cloth decor and shaking out rugs and cushions outside.
  2. Check shoes at the door. When pollen season is at it’s worst, it can seem like everything outside is covered in a thin sheet of green. Until the daily dusting subsides, avoid tracking pollen all over your home by removing your shoes before you come into the house. Your carpets, and your sinuses, will thank you.
  3. Upgrade basic filters. A simple, low maintenance solution to new allergens entering the home is to stop them before they ever enter a room. Swapping out the standard air filters in your system for small-particle or HEPA grade filters will drastically reduce the number of allergens that are able to slip through.
  4. Take advantage of technology. High quality filters will do a great job keeping particles at bay, but they don’t actually clean the air. A piece of new technology, the REME light, is the first ever air purifying and disinfecting device available for homes. Have this simple light installed in your HVAC system and experience the difference that clean, sanitary air will have on your family’s health.
  5. Watch those windows. Windows are often overlooked during spring cleaning, especially the parts that are hard to reach. Pollen and dust can work their way into your home through ill-fitting, aged, or uninsulated windows easily. A simple visual inspection will usually be enough to locate loose places and damaged fittings. Sometimes all you need is a little sealant to make your windows as good as new!
  6. Never skip on maintenance. When it comes to your air quality, it can be hard to keep track of something you can’t see. That’s why it is critical that your HVAC system be professionally serviced twice a year, once before both the excessively hot and cold seasons. A maintenance routine not only keeps your system clean and well adjusted, but also helps spot weaknesses that can be disastrous (and expensive!) to find in the heat of Summer or the dead of Winter when your system is working its hardest.


No One should suffer through a sniffly Spring. If you or a family member has an allergen sensitivity, don’t hesitate to call about the allergen prevention options available at Middleton Heat and Air! We’re passionate about providing not only the best HVAC systems available, but also the best quality of life possible to our customers. If you haven’t yet, call us today at 1-800-404-0371 to get your spring maintenance scheduled before the heat of summer sets in. At Middleton, no matter the weather we’re here, for you.

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