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How to Save on Your Energy Bill This Summer

When it comes to A/C, there is one word that can strike fear into the budget-conscious heart; “Summer.” This peak cooling season means lots of stress on your HVAC system and lots of money spent on energy bills, but it doesn’t have to. In fact, if you remember four other words that start with an “S,” you can save big this summer with little to no extra effort. Just remember: Search, Swap, Set, and Service.


Search your home for leaks. Energy leaks are items that get left plugged in or even turned on even when they are not in use. Think about phone chargers, gaming systems, coffee pots, or even lamps that are infrequently used. You can also find gaps or damage in insulation, which will allow hot air to sneak into your home and fight with the A/C. Closely inspect exterior windows, door frames, and even attics for gaps in proper insulation.


Swap out your older equipment for energy efficient appliances and light bulbs. New washers, dryers, ovens, microwaves, and even most small countertop appliances all have energy efficient alternatives nowadays that are extremely effective. The added benefit of new efficient light bulbs are that not only do they save you money, they also last much longer than traditional bulbs, saving you the trouble of having to constantly change them.


Set your A/C to 78 degrees and keep it there. Consistency is the key. If you can avoid sporadic spells where the A/C needs to run at top speed for long periods of time, you can keep the HVAC’s workload fairly low. Another way to keep things comfortable is to keep your A/C fan running for circulation even when you aren’t cooling. Alternatively, many people install a smart learning thermostat to monitor their A/C and turn it off when no-one is home. This could allow you to keep the house cooler than 78 degrees at optimal times of the morning and night, and let the thermostat worry about adjusting to cope with the heat of the day.


Finally, the true key to saving money in the Summer heat is to service your HVAC Unit religiously. All it takes is two quick maintenance visits per year to keep your HVAC clean and running at maximum efficiency. An efficient system will spend less money doing the same job as a poorly maintained one cooling your home. You can actually save up to 40% on your energy bills through regular servicing alone as opposed to exhausting your system during peak months until it exhibits a noticeable problem. This can also help you avoid costly repairs by catching normal wear and tear early, before it grows into a problem.


Get your machine in tip top Summer shape early this year and be ready when the heat waves hit. At Middleton, our primary concern is the comfort of you and our family. Let us help you maintain, so you can worry about having fun in the sun. Contact us today online or call us at 1-800-404-0371 and we’ll help you set up an appointment with a local, certified expert technician today! You can even visit our “Specials” section on our website to find even more ways to save, all year long!

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