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What’s That Sound Coming From My Furnace?

The first true cold snap of the year will arrive in the state this week, and Middleton Heat & Air is here to help your furnace handle the freezing temperatures ahead. There are few things worse this time of year for a homeowner than to switch that thermostat over to the “heat” setting only to discover that things aren’t working as they should. In many cases, there will be a tell-tale sound coming from a malfunctioning furnace that helps a professional heating and air technician make an expert diagnosis that will get things warm and cozy again in an emergency heat repair situation. Here are a few of the most common noises we discover:

Sound #1: A Loud Pop (Or Bang) When Starting Your Furnace

If you’ve turned on your furnace only to hear a loud popping or banging sound, your technician may have to do a bit of initial investigation to properly diagnose the problem. In most cases, however, the burner or igniter is simply dirty. When this happens, gas will build up but your system has trouble igniting due to dirt and debris. When things finally do light up, this can cause a loud – and often startling – noise. You’ll want the professionals at Middleton Heat & Air to clean your system up since this is potentially a safety concern. If not diagnosed properly, your heat exchanger would eventually crack, which is quite expensive to replace. In other cases, and when dealing with temperature fluctuations, air ducts expand and contract after your furnace starts up, resulting in a popping sound.

Sound #2: Screeching and Scraping

A screeching or scraping sound usually lets us know that metal components of your system are encountering each other. If you’re hearing this noise, turn your system off and contact Middleton Heat & Air immediately to minimize the damage to potentially expensive portions of your furnace. In some cases, parts are simply loose and not entirely broken. However, you’ll want to reduce the risk of anything genuinely breaking down or encountering a serious heating emergency in the first place. Whether it’s your blower wheel, motor mount, or some other issue, you’ll want to get in touch with us via our 24/7 emergency service number and get things warming again.

Sound #3: High-Pitched Whining

Fortunately, this is one of the more inexpensive fixes. In many cases, your furnace may just need proper maintenance or just a bit of oil on its components. Yet, the motor could be malfunctioning, and only a professional can truly tell.

If you find yourself in need of emergency heat repair this winter, Middleton Heat & Air will be there just as soon as we can to keep you cozy! If this is your season for a heating system replacement, we are proud to offer free estimates and free second opinions on heating replacement. Our award-winning service and expert repair for heat and air in Little Rock has been keeping Arkansas comfortable for over 40 years. Reach us today by calling 1-800-404-0371!

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