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Winter Home Travel Tips

Winter Weather Home Travel Tips. Middleton Heat and Air

During the holiday season, lots of people choose to travel to see friends and family. While you’re away, it’s important to prepare your home to tough-out the cold weather without you.  Winter travel prep will be very similar to the steps you take to winterize your home for the season, however, there are a few key differences.


It’s important to unplug as many devices as you can when leaving your home for more than a few days to not only save energy, but protect your devices and your home from unexpected shorts and fire hazards. Appliances like coffee makers, toasters, lamps, and even Christmas lights are much safer to leave unattended if unplugged.

Turn Down

With no one home, there’s no need to keep spending money on heating. However, it is crucial that you never turn the heat completely off when traveling during winter. Keeping the thermostat set at 50℉ is a safe temperature for both water pipes and delicate electronics. If you have the advantage of owning a Smart Thermostat, you can even set your return date and time so that after being away you can arrive to a toasty home.

Clean Out

If you take a few minutes to check your fridge and pantry before leaving, you can save yourself the pain and suffering of cleaning out spoiled food items when you return. Toss anything that will expire while you’re out, and make a quick grocery list to make restocking a breeze when you get home!

Check detectors

Fire and Carbon monoxide detectors should always be checked before leaving for any length of time. Carbon monoxide detectors especially should be given extra attention upon your return to make sure all levels are safe as the heat comes back on. Smart monitors like the Nest Protect are especially helpful in travel situations because they can alert you from anywhere in the world, while also contacting emergency personnel for you in the event of an emergency.


If you didn’t schedule a professional fall maintenance for your HVAC this year, we highly recommend a professional inspection before you travel. For more information about maintenance, or about smart home devices, visit us online or call 1-800-404-0371 to speak directly with one of our comfort specialists.

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