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5 Smart Ways to Keep Cozy

Smart Ways to Keep Cozy. Middleton Heat and Air

It can be hard to stay efficient when fighting against the cold, but luckily, with today’s technology homeowners can stay comfortably cozy and save too. These Smart Home advances are the gold standard for efficiency these days, read on to discover how you can save energy, money, and warmth with minimal effort.

Learning Thermostats

Nest learning thermostats are the ultimate first step in home automation. Their intelligent sensors and pattern observation skills allow you to achieve maximum HVAC efficiency and comfort in one easy step. You can keep the house cool to save while you’re away, and your Nest will automatically begin warming your home to the perfect temperature when you head home!

Remote Controlled Vents

Take your learning thermostat to the next level with the addition of smart vents. Smart ventilation like the Flair Vent system can work with your Nest or other smart thermostat to get specific about your heating and cooling preferences on a room to room basis. They can even account for the way each room is affected by the sun’s position at different times of the day!

Automatic Blinds

Another way to adjust your home to conserve money and warmth is through sun-sensing blinds. These blinds look like your standard window coverings from the inside, but tucked behind is a sensor that reads the amount of natural light available outdoors and adjusts accordingly. Not only will they make your interior lighting perfectly balanced, they also help you avoid losing heat through the windows as the sun goes down.

Smart Protection

With all the technology available today, it’s important to apply it where it matters most; safety features. Smart home protection is even more critical during the heating months, as carbon monoxide leaks can easily go undetected until it’s too late. The Nest Protect is a smart home monitor that gives your smoke detector an upgrade, with readings that go directly to your phone and includes carbon monoxide detection.

Sanitizing Light Technology

Even if you keep a warm and toasty house, it never seems warm enough if you’ve also got the sniffles from the cold outdoors. Smart protection from the one-of-a-kind Reme Halo light sanitizes every molecule of air and every surface of your home instantaneously, creating a hospital-grade environment that viruses, bacteria, allergens and even the flu simply can’t tolerate. One installation could be the start of illness-free winters for you and your family from then on!

If you’re interested in taking your heating efficiency to the next level, look no further than the pro’s at Middleton Heat and Air. Visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-404-0371 , we’d love to chat about how we can keep you and your family cozy year round!

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