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5 Ways to Save on A/C while on Vacation

When you leave for vacation you want to relax, escape and have total peace of mind. What you don’t want is to have to worry about how much your A/C is costing you back home. Consider these 5 quick tips to keep your home safe and save you money while you’re away this Summer!

1. Do a quick DIY inspection

Before you leave, take a few minutes to visually inspect your A/C unit and vents for natural wear and tear. Over time, these normal results of heavy use can build unnoticed and cost thousands in not only lost A/C, but also repairs when they lead to bigger damages. Luckily, if you do see something suspicious, a quick maintenance call is all you need to keep your system running with minimal cost at maximum efficiency.

2. Schedule and Save

Even systems that look perfectly functional can benefit from a little maintenance before you’re away for a long trip. A professional maintenance will not improve efficiency and reduce your electric bill, but also catch any wear and tear on system parts you can’t see.

3. Close blinds and curtains

Speaking of savings, the easiest (and cheapest) way to save money while you vacation is to close up your blinds and curtains. Keeping sunlight out will keep the heat of the day at bay and keep your A/C from running unnecessarily.

4. Adjust your settings

Another way to keep A/C at a minimum is to turn the temperature setting up anywhere from four to ten degrees higher than usual. This means if you like your air set to 74°f when you’re at home, then adjusting to 78°f-84°f would be ideal. Many people used to recommend turning the A/C off completely while away, but this should actually be avoided to keep moisture from building up in the home and causing expensive damages.

5. Consider going “smart”

The best way to save money is to invest in a smart thermostat that can handle things for you. These thermostats can automatically adjust each day to suit the weather outside, and know that the house doesn’t need to be kept comfortable for occupants when it’s empty. Many can even be set to “vacation mode,” and will start your A/C up at the perfect time to cool your home just in time your your return.


When it’s time for you to relax and get away, don’t take your homeowner’s worries with you. Call Middleton Heat and Air today and we can set up an appointment for you in no time. For questions about surge protection, preventative maintenance scheduling and everything in between, call us at 1-800-404-0371 or send us an online message and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can.

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