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How to Make the Most of Your Next HVAC Service Call

Having your HVAC system serviced is a simple fact of life, but it doesn’t have to get in the way of your everyday activities. With a little preparation, your HVAC maintenance or service call can be smooth and simple for both your family and your technician. The trick is to plan ahead.

1. Make a path

To make things simple for both you and your tech, it’s a good idea to clear the way to any air intakes, thermostats, a/c units, and other areas that contain elements to your heating and cooling system. Some homes may require no adjusting, but if you’ve used furniture or decor to “hide” elements of your HVAC system, it can be helpful to temporarily remove them prior to your appointment. Middleton technicians always come prepared with their own ladders and step stools, so a clear path is all they need to service your system with ease.

2. Check your notes

It’s a good idea to keep notes whenever you have your HVAC system serviced so that you can reference them before a service call. If you’ve already been record-keeping, be sure and check these notes before your current appointment. If this is your first service call, any notes you can take about your HVAC’s “symptoms” can help your tech diagnose the problem. If you’ve chosen to work with Middleton, we make it easy by keeping all of your servicing notes for you! Any time you need a tune up your tech will have a full history of your system and its personalized needs.

3. Be informed

Before scheduling a service call, it pays to do your research. A qualified, reputable Heating and Air company should have a website with plenty of information for you to read and contact them by. You can also use websites like Google Business and Facebook to see how long a company has been established and read what your friends and neighbors have to say about their services.

At Middleton, we also make it a priority to thoroughly background check and personally train each and every one of our technicians. We never use private contractors, so you can always rest assured a well uniformed tech will arrive in their clearly marked service vehicle directly from one of our offices.

4. Do a Dust Check

Caked on dust and dirt can make it difficult for your tech to do their job. A quick pass of the vacuum can make a huge difference! If you’d rather save your time, most techs will be happy to include a cleaning service for a small charge with their repairs if you let them know when you schedule your visit. A quick maintenance session is also a great way to make sure your system stays at peak performance level all year long, and includes a deep, professional clean.

5. Review your Company

After your appointment, let your HVAC company know how they did! Not only will feedback make their technicians better, it’s also a great way to help out your friends and neighbors when it’s time for them to make their own heating and air decisions.


With these simple tips, your next heating and air appointment will be the easiest one yet. A little prep and a little research can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. At Middleton, we want all of our customers to know that their comfort is our priority. Whether it’s providing the easiest way to set up local service or making sure we always have the proper tool on hand, we know it’s the little things that make all the difference. For more information about our service calls, or to schedule routine maintenance, contact us by phone 1-800-404-0371 or message us today!

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