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Breathe Easy: Changing Your System’s Air Filter


Let’s be honest. What isn’t in the air this time of year? We get lots of questions as an HVAC service company about what homeowners should be doing themselves to improve their home’s air quality, and changing your air filter regularly tops our list. If you haven’t changed yours out in a while, it’s time to revisit this critical component of HVAC system care.
Why Change Your Air Filter?

Not only does your system’s performance and efficiency depend on a clean air filter, so does the overall air quality within your home. Indoor air quality is considered to be one of the top environmental health risks. Breathe easy – ensuring that your home’s air is minimally impacted by dust, pollen, and other irritants is an easy fix.
How Often Should I Change My Filter?

The answer to this question really depends on various factors. The obvious answer is “when it’s dirty,” but some indoor air contaminants are invisible to the eye. As a general rule, once per month should be sufficient for most households. You should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions that accompany your replacement filter, as they will vary based on design and materials. Some cheaper filters are designed to be replaced more frequently, as opposed to those that may cost a bit more but last longer. Your system may require a specific filter replacement to which there is no truly acceptable substitute, so it’s important to be aware of those requirements before purchasing a new one. Here are a few more factors that affect how often you should change your air filter:

  • Pet ownership
  • The general air quality of your city or town
  • Family members affected by asthma or allergies
  • The time of year

The bottom line is if you own pets or find yourself increasingly sneezing and sniffling due to indoor allergies, we advise changing your filter more often than the average homeowner. Keep in mind that one small dog means a completely different impact in air quality than three large, furry ones. We advise performing a quick weekly visual check of your filter and keeping an eye on any accumulating contaminants.

If you have further questions about changing your air filter or which replacement filter is best for your home, contact the central heating and air experts at Middleton Heat & Air! We’ll be happy to help!

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