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Early Summer AC Repairs & Your Air

Are you turning on your AC for the first time this spring? Many homeowners discover new issues with their system during the first few weeks of operation during the cooling season, but malfunctions or breakdowns can manifest themselves as soon as you flip the switch. During the winter, as your system sits dormant, various problems can develop over time. Sometimes, it’s a matter of equipment age or general wear and tear, but sometimes they can occur without rhyme, reason, or warning. Do you suspect that something is wrong with your system? Here are three of the most common ac repairs we encounter during the late spring and early summer months here at Middleton Heat & Air.
Problem: A Weak or Dead Capacitor

Capacitors are commonly found throughout various types of machinery, including HVAC equipment. If you hear a noise, such as humming, but your equipment refuses to start and the fan won’t spin, the capacitor could be the culprit. Simply put, this essential part is used to store power and start up the motor. Usually when a capacitor begins to go out, it either slowly begins to decline in function or stops working all together.

Solution: Capacitor Replacement

A broken capacitor is usually the most common reason an air conditioner’s motor isn’t working. Proper diagnosis of this problem requires the right equipment and expertise. The professionals at Middleton Heat & Air will safely and quickly replace your capacitor and get your home cooling in no time.

Problem: A Pitted Contactor

A contactor controls the flow of electricity throughout your unit. Over time, the contactor becomes exposed to heat and voltage, resulting in something we refer to in the HVAC business as “pitting.” This means that the surface has experienced deterioration and proper contact is no longer possible, nor is the transfer of electricity. A pitted contactor means that your system cannot adequately cool your home, and further issues can develop with other portions of your equipment – particularly the compressor. Usually a pitted contactor will make a clicking noise before it ceases to function.
Solution: Contactor Replacement

Usually, a pitted contactor can be detected with proper annual maintenance before any true problems begin. You’ll want to call in the professionals at Middleton Heat & Air to replace a pitted contactor, since any leaking fluids can be dangerous to touch. We’ll make sure you get the correct replacement and take care of its installation as soon as possible.

Problem: Dirty Coils

This is generally the simplest issue we encounter this time of year, which is also one that can be detected with routine system maintenance. Dirty coils can result in a variety of consequential problems, including overall performance. Your air conditioner actually works by removing heat from your home, and your coil is responsible for the movement of air. The cleaner your coil, the better your system cools.

Solution: Clean the Coils

You will generally notice a dramatic decrease in energy costs and an increase in system efficiency once your coils are clean. Even though dirty coils might not mean an immediate breakdown in equipment, you’ll quickly begin to notice that things aren’t working as well as they once did over time. Even the slightest layer of dirt and debris can result in decreased efficiency of nearly 30%. Here at Middleton Heat & Air, we’ll take care of your coils and give the rest of your equipment a thorough examination, as well.

Experiencing issues with your system? Contact us at Middleton Heat & Air today for ac repair. We’ll take care of that!

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