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Open Your Door To Energy Savings With a Blower Door Test

An open door says welcome but it can also say “savings!” on your HVAC energy bills.  And who doesn’t like saving money on their heating and air bills?

Middleton Heat and Air is proud to offer blower door tests for your home.  If you’ve never seen this test in action the below video will put you right in the heart of the process.

A blower door tests helps your technician look for problems in your ductwork, cracks in your walls, unsealed areas around windows and doors—all easy fixes that could save you money. put together this great info graphic with helpful information about why this test is important for any homeowner.

Once your home has been evaluated, the Middleton technicians will be able to help you seal or wrap your ductwork and perform other energy saving measures.

When’s the best time to perform this test? Really, it can be done any time of the year, but consider scheduling a blower door test during the spring and fall to get ready for the times of year when your systems are working their hardest.

Are you ready to save money on your energy bills? Call the team at Middleton today to schedule your blower door test.

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