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4 Ways to Eliminate Dust and other Allergens with your Vacuum

No One likes a dusty home. It causes allergies, aggravates colds, reduces your energy efficiency and just plain looks untidy. If dusting is a chore around your house, never fear. There are actually four easy ways you can seriously cut down on dust and other allergens in your home and even prevent them from recurring! All you need is a little time and your trusty vacuum cleaner.

1. Start high and work your way down.

As you clean away dust and dirt, some of it will naturally fall to the surfaces below. By starting high with moldings and ceiling fans, you can avoid re-dirtying already clean surfaces. Use a brush attachment to gently clean the tops of your ceiling fan blades and any thick crown moldings. These sneaky areas often go unnoticed but spread particles into the air every day!

2. Get ready to reach.

Using the long arm hose attachment, take some time to scout out large pieces of furniture, electronics, and dimly lit corners next to small spaces that never see the light of day. These areas are dust traps that will accumulate layers of dust that can get sucked up and spread around by your HVAC system.

3. Try a new arrangement.

Even if it’s only temporary, try and get your furniture moving at least once a year so you can thoroughly vacuum underneath it. Upholstered pieces will also often have a fabric layer on their under side that can require a quick vacuum as well.

4. Scout out supply and return registers.

Registers are the little grates that cover your air return and supply areas, and they are magnets for dust in homes that need a little TLC. Luckily, some elbow grease and a brush attachment can make cleaning them a breeze! You can choose to vacuum them quickly for an instant result or take the time to remove the grate and clean on, behind, and under the register for an even deeper clean.


Thanks to modern invention, whole home cleaning is so much easier. Your vacuum alone could help you reduce the allergen build up in your home drastically, and with regular use could help end your dust problems once and for all! If your dust situation is becoming more than you can handle, or if cleaning your own registers seems a little intimidating, Middleton Heat and Air is proud to offer our own professional HVAC cleaning services! A quick HVAC check and cleaning will not only help your entire family breathe easier, but could also save you thousands on your energy bills each year. Give us a call at 1-800-404-0371 for more information or to set up your first visit.

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