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Definition Series – Residential Zoning

Residential Zoning Definition

In the world of HVAC, we have our own vocabulary that we use every day, but sometimes the words we use don’t translate to our customers. In this blog series, we will cover some of this terminology to help you understand what we mean and why these terms are important to your HVAC maintenance and installation.

For this installment of our definition series, we define the term Zoning and explain why it might be important to you.


Zoning or a zoned system allows a homeowner to control the heating and cooling delivered to specific areas of their home for a custom solution. It increases the efficiency of the HVAC system as well as comfort in the area of the house used most often. Zoning systems have typically used several thermostats for control in the past, but more and more homeowners are choosing programmable thermostats to make their zoned systems even more efficient.

Why is This Important?

A zoned HVAC system can help to keep everyone in the home comfortable by being able to control the temperature for each room connected to the system. For instance, if you are cooking in the kitchen and get overheated, it is possible to turn the air up in the kitchen without bothering the comfort of those who may be in other parts of the home. A zoned system is also great for larger homes with rooms not being used, or for rooms with inconsistent temperature control.

The Benefits of Using a Zoned System:

One of the benefits of a zoned system is the extra comfort and control for the entire family. No more arguing over the thermostat settings! Another benefit of switching to a zoned system is that it can be added to your already existing system and can save you up to 30 percent off of your utility costs almost immediately.  

And the biggest benefit of using a zoned system? Middleton can help you with everything you need to get started on making the switch!

If you’re interested in switching to a zoned HVAC system, contact us online or by phone at 1-800-404-0371.

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