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Definition Series – HEPA Filters?

HEPA Filter Definition

In the world of HVAC, we have our own vocabulary that we use every day, but sometimes the words we use don’t translate to our customers. In this blog series, we will cover some of this terminology to help you understand what we mean and why these terms are important to your HVAC maintenance and installation.

In this installment of the series, we define the term HEPA Filter and explain why it might be important to you.


HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter. These filters have a MERV Rating of 17-20 and are designed to restrict 99.97 of airborne particles measuring 0.3 microns or larger from passing through them. They are mostly used in critical environments such as hospital surgical rooms and patient rooms. They are made up of a fine mesh that stops the particulates from getting through.

Why is This Important?

HEPA filters, while great at stopping allergens and contaminants are not a great choice for most residential HVAC systems. Most residential systems do not have a powerful enough fan to be able to blow the air through a HEPA filter, thereby causing restricted air flow. Restricting your air flow can lead to many other serious problems with your HVAC system such as reduced efficiency, mechanical issues, and higher utility costs.

What Type of Filter Do You Need?

While a HEPA filter may not be what you need, if you are looking for filters to use in your home that can help with controlling the contaminants and air pollutants being passed around the air, many experts advise an air filter with a MERV Rating of 8-13. If you do decide to upgrade your filters, make sure to increase the frequency that you change them out, as they will get dirty much faster than lower quality filters!

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