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Common Summertime Air Conditioning Repair | Changing Your Filter

Middleton Heat & Air’s very own Blake Humphrey is here to discuss a common issue we encounter during our air conditioning repair service calls in the summer months – a neglected air filter. Watch as he explains the importance of changing your filter, how your system can be negatively affected, and why you should change your filter regularly.

Around the time that the summer heat arrives, we notice that customers sometimes forget to change their system’s air filter. We recommend that all of our customers change their filters every month according to manufacturer instructions during the cooling season when your AC unit is working its hardest to keep your home comfortable. This will keep restriction down (which makes your air conditioner work overtime) and ensure that your system is running as smoothly as possible. This is especially important during the summer months with high humidity and climbing temperatures. A restricted system greatly increases the likelihood of an unexpected repair, which is the last thing you’ll want on a hot summer day.

If you have questions about replacing your air filter, or if you have general questions about your HVAC system, give us a call at 501-847-0371. We’ll help you determine the filter that is best for your system, assist you with changing your filter, and discuss any other concerns that you may have.

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