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The Limits of A/C Efficiency

While fall is right around the corner, the sun is still shining and the temperatures are still scorching at the moment! You may set your thermostat to 70 degrees in the morning, only to be surprised when your indoor temperature only cools down to about 73 degrees after running for a few hours. Is something wrong with your HVAC unit, or is this a common issue?

Realistic Results

While a variety of issues could be present if your HVAC unit isn’t cooling your home to your desired temperature, there’s a possibility that nothing is wrong at all. In general, your air conditioning unit should be able to easily cool your home to about 20 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature at any given time. If it’s 80 degrees outside, your unit should be able to hit the 70 degree mark with ease. However, if it’s 101 degrees outside, hitting the 70 degree mark indoors isn’t exactly realistic, especially for older units. Your unit could overwork itself, leading to excessive energy use and higher indoor humidity levels. 

What You Can Do

We’re in the final days of summer, which means we’ll have relief from the heat soon.. In the meantime, the best thing you can do on an especially hot day is set your thermostat to about 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature so it doesn’t overwork itself. Close your curtains, run your ceiling fans and avoid using heat-producing appliances during the hottest parts of the day. You should also make sure that you’re replacing your air filter monthly, and have an annual preventative maintenance plan in place. You may be surprised by just how much of a difference a clean air filter can make!

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