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Why is my Air Conditioner Making Noise?

If your HVAC system is noticeably making noise, a variety of things could be wrong. Never ignore unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner! A minor issue can quickly transform into a major expense if you aren’t careful. Below are some common causes for noisy air conditioners.

Loose Parts

If you hear banging or clanking sounds, it usually means that there’s a loose or broken part somewhere in the system. This could be a connecting rod, loose blower fan blade, piston pin or loose panel. If it’s coming from your outdoor unit, it’s possible that a part has come loose inside the condenser. The problem could be a simple fix or warrant a replacement. It’s best to turn your air conditioner off until a technician can inspect it to prevent further damage. 

Electrical Problems

If you hear buzzing or clicking sounds inside or outside of your home, it typically means that there’s an electrical problem. Common electrical issues include loose wiring, a malfunctioning compressor, a failing motor or a failing thermostat. A clicking noise can also mean that something is caught in your blower fan. Electrical issues should be dealt with as soon as possible for the safety of those in your home, and the protection of your overall system. 

Faulty Parts & Leaks

A faulty fan motor, compressor or blower motor may cause a squealing or screeching sound. A hissing noise points to a refrigerant leak or internal valve leak. Compressor problems can also cause a hissing noise, and the air conditioning system needs to be turned off right away if a shrieking noise begins. Have one of our skilled technicians inspect the unit as soon as possible.

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