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Heat and Air Service Spotlight: Laura Long

Where would we be if we didn’t offer financing? We don’t want to even think about it. So, we’d like for you to learn about our hard-working heat and air Financing Manager and Retrofit Administrator, Laura Long. Laura has been with us for 8 years!
This energetic woman works daily to provide affordable payments for every kind of budget.
We asked Laura to provide us with 5 financing questions that she is asked frequently and to share her answers with us and you.
  1. Is there a penalty for paying my loan off early? No. If you wish to pay a loan off early, that is great! There is no penalty for doing so.
  2. Is my interest fixed or will it change? Your interest rate is fixed and will not change unless you default on your payment.
  3. How long can I financing if I were to buy a new unit? We have several options and depending on qualified systems we can go up to 180 months.
  4. Can I get approved with bad credit? We have second look programs available for those with less than perfect credit or not established credit.
  5. Do I have to make a down payment? No down payment is required. With approved credit, we offer 100% financing.

You may wonder who can get financing. Every single residential heat and air service customer can apply for financing in their name. We also offer financing for commercial businesses as well. And if you’re wondering what you can have financed, we have that answer for you! Any service that we provide for your residential home can be financed. That includes service calls, maintenance contracts, part replacements and completely new systems.

You can tell that Laura is extremely important to us and to you! We are grateful to have such a knowledgeable and committed person on the Middleton Heating and Air team! Thanks for all you do, Laura!

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