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Size Matters: Picking the Right AC Unit for Your Home

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to an ac unit. In fact, a unit that doesn’t match the size of your home can end up costing you in both efficiency and energy bills. Here are two vital questions to ask your air conditioner replacement service contractor.

  1. Does It Fit?

Reputable heating and air companies understand the importance of an appropriately-sized system. They know an oversized one may turn on and off too frequently. That’s because when it comes on, it quickly cools the air but not the structure. As a result, the heat in the walls rapidly warms the room again, and the cooler repeats the cycle.

Likewise, an undersized unit will not be able to cool your entire home. Thus it may run almost continuously, which means higher electricity bills. Generally speaking, use this calculation to determine the size needed:

(Square footage x 25/12,000) – .5

For heating and air Little Rock homes, that equates to a 3 ton appliance for a 1,500 square foot home.

  1. What Are Seer ratings?

All ac units are not created the same. In addition to size, ask about the SEER rating. This tells how efficient it is: the higher the rating, the less expensive it is to operate. Typically, it costs 5 percent less to run a unit per SEER.

When you choose the right-sized system, you will feel more comfortable in your house and spend less on your energy bill.

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