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“Do This Not That,” Thermostat Edition

The thermostat is the primary way with which we interact with our heating and air systems every day. Some homeowners choose to “set it and forget it,” and some love to adjust it constantly. Whether you consider your thermostat a useful tool or an eyesore, there are a few things you should know to make the most of your home comfort.

1. Do think about design, don’t try every diy

You can absolutely make choices to maximize your home’s design and minimize the look of your thermostat, but you shouldn’t try everything you see online. Decorative boxes, covers, and artwork hung over the top of thermostats shield them from the air inside your home and can ruin their ability to properly read temperature. If you’d like to beautify your thermostat, consider updating to a newer, sleeker model or have it professionally relocated to a less obvious place.

2. Do be mindful of heat sources, don’t overcrowd the thermostat

As you make choices to fully utilize your space, you should be careful that you don’t place items in front of or very near the thermostat that will put off heat when in use. A heat source will trick your thermostat’s temperature reader into thinking the entire room is warmer than it is, resulting in uncomfortable temperatures and wasted energy. These items include stereos, speakers, televisions, lamps, and personal heaters. Even direct sunlight can be problematic if it lasts for an hour or more.

3. Do monitor temperature changes, don’t ignore strange behavior

Spikes or dips in temperature are often a sign that something is wrong with your heating and air system. If you notice your unit is running all day long, even when you haven’t changed the thermostat, chances are the temperature of your home is being read improperly or you have a significant duct leak. Contact a professional right away who can diagnose the problem and correct it, instead of putting it off until you see your enormous energy bill.

4. Do aim for efficiency, don’t “tinker” excessively

With the rising popularity of smart thermostats designed to adjust the temperature settings for you in the name of efficiency, many homeowners have become tempted to do the “adjusting,” themselves with their preexisting thermostat. While in certain cases this can be effective, fussing with the temperature constantly, or drastically changing it when you leave will generally do more harm than good for your energy bills. The best call for real savings is to either invest in a real smart thermostat, or carefully adjust your temperature settings to coincide more closely with the temperature of the outside air at all times of the day.


If you’re interested in what a smart home thermostat can do for you and your savings, if you suspect you have a duct leak or any kind of lost efficiency, or if you’d just like to get started scheduling your next maintenance visit, we’d love to hear from you! Visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-404-0371 to speak with a comfort specialist today.

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