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Save Energy by Sealing Air Leaks in Your Home

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Air Leakage occurs when outside air enters the home and conditioned air leaves through holes and cracks in the home’s exterior, making it harder for the HVAC system to do its job. Air leakage can also occur in your ductwork, or other parts of your system. These air leaks can be a big contributor to higher energy bills and moisture problems such as mold growth or structural damage throughout your home.

Finding the Air Leaks

You know your home better than anyone else, so you probably already know where many of your air leaks may be such as a gap under your door or a window that wasn’t sealed properly. However, many other leaks are hard to detect without professional assistance. If you suspect your ductwork may be leaking, give Middleton a call to come out to test for air leaks in your system.

Sealing the Leaks

Middleton Heat and Air testing methods will help you to pinpoint where the leaks are occurring so that you can effectively close them. Caulking around windows and doors and proper fireplace maintenance usually help to slow the leaks down or stop them altogether. However, there could still be leaks in your ductwork, which can also cause higher energy costs. Our technicians can help to air seal your ductwork to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.

View the Results

Once all air leak repairs have been made, most customers do notice a difference in their monthly energy bills as their HVAC system doesn’t have to work quite as hard to keep their home at the preferred temperature.

Our expert technicians would be happy to assist you in finding any suspected air leaks in your ductwork or helping with routine maintenance. Schedule an appointment for air leak testing today by contacting us online or by phone at 1-800-404-0371.

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